Sunday, September 30, 2007

power politcs


Manjit Singh said...

Dear Sir,
I am victim of recession and presently without any job.
Financial hardships are setting in.
Pension is not sufficient to run the house at this advance stage of retired life.
Hope you will take steps to restore the economic crises. Throwing out of job will not improve the economic condition of India but managing it smartly by cutting down on wastage of tax money will.
Major Manjit Singh (Retd.)

Anonymous said...

It is a pity that partisan considerations trump the nomination to the Indian presidency. Pranab Mukherjee is by no means a match for former President Abdul Kalam. That Bengali opportunist does not even enjoy the support of his own home state, West Bengal.He should have the decency to step down in favour of renown Indian nuclear scientist Dr. Kalam. Shame on Indian politicians for stabbing Dr.kalam in the back . Dr. Kalam does not deserve such a betrayal. Shame on India and its crop of backward ignorant, caste-minded politicians.